Chef/Owner Scott Howell cooking

About the Chef

Scott Howell, Chef-Owner of Nana’s, can walk into a restaurant and read it in an instant, instinctively knowing what’s right or wrong in the room. It is this eye for detail that characterizes everything he does: from constructing an award winning wine list, to working with local farmers to get the best produce available, to cooking alongside his staff each night and perfecting every dish that leaves his kitchen.

With the opening of Nana’s in 1992, Chef Howell was determined to “start making food happen” in North Carolina. A native of Asheville with a deep, family based love of food, Howell’s dishes are sublime yet simple. Trained at the Culinary Institute of America, he brought his curiosity, energy and his genteel manners to the New York culinary world. Upon graduation from the CIA he did his internship at such notable restaurants as Jam’s and Arcadia.The quest for culinary perfection led Howell to Italy where he worked for a year at the prestigious San Domenico.

Returning to New York in 1988, Howell landed a key spot at Bouley, where he helped the restaurant achieve its 4-star New York Times rating. He followed his experience with David Bouley by spending a half a year working with Nancy Silverton at Campanile. In 1990, he followed his heart back to his native North Carolina where he was the sous chef for a year and a half under acclaimed chef Ben Barker at Magnolia Grill. In 1992 the dream of owning his own restaurant came to fruition with the opening of Nana’s.


Since the opening of Nana’s in December of 1992, through the extensive remodeling and expansion completed in March 2000, until today, Nana’s remains one of the most popular restaurants in the Triangle area and we invite you to join us for a great dinner.

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